Content Management


LearningLinx seamlessly integrates all aspects of the training design process, linking content, timetables, reports and materials. 

LearningLinx enables links to existing content, and also guides users through the creation of new content with features including:

  • Drag and Link Designer: A graphical tool for structuring learning content from curriculums and courses down to sections and sub-sections of courses.
  • Activity Management: Ability to connect development activities to the items related to the activities, assigning them to users and tracking their completion.
  • Version Control: Ensures the correct versions of material are used in the process along with the ability to have multiple versions of content to accommodate issues such as regional differences.
  • Sentence Starters: Context sensitive pop-up windows used to deploy instructional design “best practice”.  Works with standardized lists of phrases, checklists, definitions, etc.
  • Reviewing: Track and review modules, courses, curriculums, notes from technical, instructional or managerial reviews in a centralized environment.
  • Attach Files: Add any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Flash or vides files to courses, people or reference libraries and then make them available to the entire development team in a central and context specific location.
  • Security and User Control: Full user access control functionality allows or restricts features for different users of the application, including how content can be read, edited or used with other content in the system.

LearningLinx developed by Elemental Learning can be deployed as both a hosted or client-server solution.  Through its easy-to-use interfaceLearningLinx helps training designers and corporate trainers optimize the design and delivery of training while assisting in consistency of content and efficacy of design.