Staff Scheduling


Schedulist is a full featured web-based staff scheduling solution.  It is a hosted application (SaaS) with no software for you to install, which means a quick and painless implementation.  Schedulist has been designed from the ground up to make the transition from your current system as seamless and expedient as possible. 


Schedulist contains several cutting edge features which set it apart from other scheduling applications.  These innovations are present throughout including the user interface, application integration layer, algorithm, rules engine and management functionality.


Schedulist Retention  One of the key strategies is to assist your facility in addressing retention through the utilization of the patented algorithm and social networking aspects of the product.  In addition we strive to become a retention resource for the community and therefore are launching—a free online resource created to provide you with information on attracting and retaining quality employees as well as a support community for the Schedulist application.


Schedulist is competitively priced and has a number of pricing models and customization options to suit your needs.  The subscription model allows you to pay for what you use as you implement and accommodates the need to transition in stages.