Therapy Management


The Therapute/TheraTrack system is a complete management and automated billing system for contract therapy companies and in house long term care therapy programs. We provide the technical support you need so your resources are focused on operating your therapy programs.

Therapute provides management information via the internet so everyone is accessing a centralized database with live data. By having current information at all times, the managers can make maximum use of their time in the nursing centers. We provide the right information at the right time to your key people. With a click of your mouse, reports and invoices can be produced whether you are in the nursing center, at the home office or traveling. Our goal is to use technology to reproduce a “the boss is on the premises” attitude in all your locations.

Our system is designed to be easy to operate and to reduce the computer time required by your therapist, thus improving their productivity. By partnering with Therapute you will have a more profitable company, improved patient care, satisfied employees, happy customers and peace of mind knowing that your information is available 24/7 to everyone who needs it without having to operate a complicated IT department. Our approach provides you with the smallest capital cost and lowest system maintenance cost possible.