Future Source Solutions...

...provides outsourced, high-level sales management and marketing expertise to technology and applications providers.  Additionally we provide consulting services to customers for software selection and implementation services.

We partner with a variety of industry leaders to deliver solutions which bring value for our customers and build long-term relationships.  This independence means we can carefully select the products and services which will be of most benefit to our customers.

Most of our portfolio is comprised of software products designed to drive more efficient and better prepared organizations along with a number of other technology offerings driving ROI for our customers.  We are always on the search for additional products and services to enhance our customer’s operations.  

Future Source Solution’s professional staff is located strategically around the world to service our clients.  Currently we have representatives in Columbia, MD, Peoria, IL, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Minneapolis, MN, Nashville, TN and Glasgow, Scotland, UK.